Busy, Busy

This last week cleaned my clock...back to school, soccer practices & scrimmages, school meetings, big presentation for Matt, 3 volunteer gigs all needing a lot of me, post-summer house cleaning.  And then this weekend was soccer and a big family party.  Still super busy, but lots of fun too.  Anyway, that means this post will be filled with pics and just a few words.

All of the cousins are in the photo above (minus the one on the way), but these are the birthday cousins...10, 2 & 10.  The 10-year-olds are very different people/personalities, but they have a strong bond (and a love/hate relationship too).

Never seen a kid so excited to be in charge of collecting the garbage during present opening.

Jack's team played in a tournament this weekend and had one loss, one tie (called due to lightening) and one win.  Jack is the kid in white putting on the defense in the pic below.

He's not 10 yet, but we let him pretend a bit this weekend.  Nothing like drawing the celebration out a full month, right?