Double Digits!

Someone in our house is turning 10 today (although not technically until after he goes to sleep tonight...that kid made us wait).  It's kind of a tough one for this Momma.  I mean look at the little guy above...back when he was chubby and little and shy.  I miss this little guy, but I really love the kid he is becoming.

Back then we had a shy, quiet kid and now we still have a quiet kid but he is so much more.  I see how my quiet kid works hard to get an even quieter kid to feel included on the baseball bench.  I've seen my quiet kid adapt and make new friends time and time again through many changes at school.  I see my quiet kid make sure that his sisters and included and respected by others.  And I love seeing my quiet kid voicing his opinions about the world and his world when he feels things aren't right.  Even if that voicing is directed at me sometimes.

Jack is happiest on the soccer field, but also every serious there.  He wants to play well and do the best for his team.  I love his positive attitude and the way he leads by example.  He's still at the age where they play every position and he likes to play every position, but as his coach says, he's a natural defender (so he spends a fair amount of time there).  It's not the most glamorous position, but he does a great job (and even scored the first goal of the season while playing defense).

Happy Birthday, kiddo!  Hope your 10th year is everything you hope it to be!

My Grandma's birthday was yesterday and we miss her everyday, but always try to remember the happy things...including her many dual birthday celebrations with Jack.  Love you, Grandma!

Proud of You said...

Happy Bday my man Jack! It is crazy how big you've become. Love you son!

p.s. like that last pic of you and mommy!

AEK said...

Let's see how many social media outlets I can publicly wish Jack a Happy Birthday! : ) I hope he has a super fun day and that he isn't too sad that his month long celebration is coming to an end. Although, I am a firm supporter of extending out one's birthday as long as possible. Happiest of Birthday Blessings, Jack!!

Janette said...

Don't they grow up so fast? Hope your birthday was awesome Jack!

Sadie said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jack! (and you too, Mama).

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