Filling in the Circles ... Girl's Room Redo 4

{Dream Big prints from The Dreamy Giraffe, photos by Ticklebugs Photography, glitter maps by me}

I filled in those empty embroidery hoops on the girls' walls to finally complete the groupings above each of their beds.  I really like how they came out...similar but unique to each girl.

So, that's the (wonky) overall view, here's a little closer up...

The girls each have favorite songs (like hands down, no guessing, these are their absolute favs for ages) and so I decided to use a lyric from each of their songs and stitch it on their hoop.  I like how each lyric works well with each girl as well.  The girls picked the fabric for the backing.  It's a little crazy but it adds a nice pattern to the wall and they both felt it was very big girl.

On EJ's, I used stem-stitch and just one color embroidery thread (her favorite...purple) for a more grown-up girl look.

For Livie's, I tried to make it more fun and playful by using a couple different colors of thread and mixing up the stitches between backstitch and chain stitch.

I think these are the girls favorite things on the wall and I'm very thankful for that.  I am thrilled that I was able to capture songs they love (Coldplay & Michael Franti, by the way), use colors they love and capture a little of them right now for their room.  That is why I love handmade gifts!

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Diggin It said...

Really turned out great. I like how the phrases are a window into their personalities. I can hear them signing those songs!

Janette said...

They are beautiful, your stitching is so neat. I'd love to have a go at something like that for my kids rooms. Xx

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