No joke...

Some things this week that mean business...

*this towel refresher tip (just an image I saw on post included)
I have now refreshed every towel in this house and couldn't be happier with the results.  I had just been thinking that our kitchen towels were smelly (and who wants that) and now they are fresh and awesome again.  Just be careful not to pour vinegar all over yourself as you will then smell like Easter (in a bad way) for the rest of the day.

The girl has an awful back-to-school cold, but will not be stopped from going back-to-school.  She is determined to be there and get the most out of every second of every day.  I think she might be the hardest working 4K student of all time.  

*The Right Stuff
I recently read The Astronauts Wives Club (which I loved) and in that book they mentioned that Tom Wolfe started researching his book The Right Stuff towards the end of the program and how much all the wives hated the book when it came out.  I knew I wouldn't make it through the book, but thought I might be able to make it through the movie.  At over 3 hours long, it was a bit of challenge but I'm glad I watched.  On it's own, it's a great movie.  Given what I know about the wives (and husbands) from the book, I didn't like it as much.  Of course, I also read that Tom Wolfe didn't like the movie either, so maybe I should read the book.

Such a great cast though...everyone was so young (especiall Jeff Goldblum) but was awesome.  And I figured out (and then confirmed) that Ocean Eleven used a scene from The Right Stuff as inspiration for the fountain scene at the Bellagio.  Pretty cool!

*The end of the job
I've done a volunteer job at Jack's school for the last few years and it's relatively easy, but there is always a last minute push the night before to wrap it up.  As I completed everything last night, I said "I'm never doing this again!"  I'm sure I've said it every year in the thick of things, but this year it was true.  I got a little giddy about that.

*My daughter the super reader
EJ loves Nate the Great books...a lot.  Recently we switched her to reading chapter books out loud to us, so she was given the green light to read Nate the Great (and other books at that level) to herself.  Well, that opened the vault of speed-reading (and a very happy girl) and now she is on a mission to read every single book.  I was getting confused, so did what any Type A mom would do and made a list.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!  We're celebrating a boy who is still not quite 10, but keeps partying anyway.  Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't rain for soccer or his outdoor party...please.