Tulle Valence ... Girls' Room Redo 3

School started this week and my clock is cleaned.  This first week is always hectic, but somehow every September I wake up and think, "what the heck have I been doing all summer?"  I can tell you on thing, it is not cleaning!  And so, the kids leave and I work to get things back to normal.  Ugh!

I have also been working here and there on the girls' room.  A major point on contention with both girls was the "baby curtains" they had hanging above their window seat.  Apparently cute animals & gingham are not their thing anymore.

So, I hit the interwebs for some inspiration and found some great ideas...for sale.  As I'm attempting to keep this mini makeover low-cost, that was no bueno.  So, we hit the fabric store and bought obscene amounts of light pink, dark pink and lavender tulle.  Do you know what a pain it is to cut tulle in a straight line?  Luckily it is also forgiving.  I cut 6x16" strips, tied them to the curtain rod itself, and voila!

You may have noticed a wall color change as well.  It's a little brighter in the girls' room these days, but the green looks fabulous with all the pinks and white.  The room is such a little nook that it's nice to brighten up the space.  We even got their new wall items up on the wall.  I still have some stitching to do for the hoops, but that will happen later!

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