Finished Projects

I finished the blanket for Uncle Neil!  It was a great project to keep me cozy while I was working on it (pattern for baby blanket size is here).  I made it to be throw-length, but it ended up kind of odd-sized (probably about 35 x 55").  I had Matt test it and it would still work for a man while seated or even lying down (it just wasn't twin-bed size).  It was so warm though that Matt did not want to give it up.  And neither did Olivia!  She didn't even complain about modeling it outside on a cold day because it kept her super warm.  I hope Uncle Neil likes it as much as they did!

Speaking of the cold weather, it has been getting me moving on some project that I hadn't planned on making.  I started with this hat for Jack.  The pattern was on my list for an everyday hat for Jack, but I realized that it has been getting cold outside and that Jack has a few more weeks of outdoor soccer.  So, I made him this hat (pattern here) in his team colors (thank you yarn stash) to keep him warm.  It looked awesome and it made it super easy to find him on the field as well.

I spent my Saturday night making this hat.  I froze so badly during Jack's Saturday game that I knew there was no way I would make it on Sunday without more warmth!  It was a quick pattern to make up and it really did keep me warm.  I may have to make some more of these babies!

After Sunday, I decided I needed a cowl as well.  I also realized that I needed to mix in some color amongst the grey/black of most of my coats and my new hat.  I whipped up this chunky cowl (I made it half-size) while EJ did her reading.  But then I realized that the chunky yarn I had in my stash was wool and wool itches me like nobody's business, so this little cowl is up for grabs.  Any takers?  I think I'm going to make this pattern (I've gifted it before but never kept one) in red.  And after I do that, I'll be taking a more flattering photo than the one above...or I'm not posting it!
Emily said...

So fun! I love that you start AND finish your crochet projects! I should finish my afghan, but that chunky cowl looks tempting.

Another Skill of Yours said...

Those are some good self pics. That's a skill as many self pics are way too close, out of frame or out of focus. Nice work.

Jackie said...

I was just going to comment on the hat because its super cute...though I am a sucker for hats!!! and I've been looking for a new one to go with my new jacket too.. BUT that orange in the cowl got me too...also love me some orange anything especially when it involves staying warm :)

Martha said...

Your new gray hat is wonderful! ♥ It's really gotten cold here in Ohio, too...even snowed today!!!

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