Halloween Weekend

I know it's not officially Halloween yet, but we had a three day weekend and Trick-or-Treating so we went all out for Halloween.  Liv and I put together goodie bags and we spent out Thursday night out "booing" some friends (basically Halloween ding dong ditch).  The kids had so much fun doing it (although EJ did wipe out on some leaves at one point) and were pretty much unseen.  The girls got Halloween nails (black with copper glitter) and all of the kids spent Friday morning baking some goodies to share with Grandma S for her birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!).

This kids carved pumpkins with Matt on Saturday.  EJ did a tiger and Liv made a cat...shocking, I know!  Then we had soccer and finally...trick or treat!  Olivia was so excited!  She didn't remember trick-or-treating in the past and could not wait to get started.

I talked the kids into putting on their costumes during the day for a few pics (with daylight and without all the layers to stay warm).  This year was another simple one and super easy to bundle everyone up for the cold weather.  EJ was her favorite detective, Nate the Great (she was not happy about the fact that grown-ups don't read kids books and therefore, no one knew who she was).  Jack was a basketball hoop and Livie was a fire chief (or as she likes to say, a fire lady).  Jack still has his costume parade and party this week at school and I'm a little concerned as he came very close to hitting me in the face with his backboard several times while trick-or-treating.  He has a wide turning radius in this get-up.  Luckily, it's just foam-core, so we're talking minimal damage.
Fun Weekend said...

I like Liv's face in the first pic. Booooooo!

AEK said...

Once again you rocked the Halloween costumes. Great job! Always clever and always thinking of the chilly weather. We are supposed to have rain for our Treat and Treats. Yuck.

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