Pumpkin Time

This weekend was conferences and passport renewals and soccer and more soccer and cleaning and shopping and homework, but...we also spent the morning at the farm.  Our city mice had a blast picking out their pumpkins and also picking lots of Honey Crisp apples (yum)!  This year we went to the farm we get our strawberries and peas from during the summer (and skipped the hoopla and crowds of our normal spots).  It was perfect and awesome (and a little chilly and muddy...hence the boots and hats above).

I let Jack pick a super big pumpkin while Matt was busy talking to some friends we ran into at the patch, so I didn't get a photo.  But I can tell you it is bigger than the one Liv is trying to lift here.

I am so excited for fresh from the orchard apples...and there are a bunch of pears in this crisper drawer as well.  They are so sweet and juicy.  I'll be eating even more fruit than usual for awhile.

We wrapped up the day with a family dinner at our favorite place, but I have to say that my favorite time of the weekend was out at the farm.
Now Onto the Carving said...

It was a very nice day to be at the farm. The kids enthusiasm is heart warming as well. What's the record for most honey crisps eaten in one day? I shall find out.

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