The good and the bad of It

Good: I'm working on a bunch of fun crochet projects for the kids and gifts and stuff.  It's a good variety of mindless work (no counting, same stitch) and more complicated stuff, so I'm staying with it and just changing projects based on what else is going on or how I'm feeling.
Bad: What is with the new tv shows this season?  I've got time to be watching and none of the new sitcoms are really any good.  Even Parenthood seems off so far.  I am loving The Good Wife, but what else is out there?  Anyone watching anything fabulous?

Good: Everyone has been reading up a storm lately and so I've been at the library every other day.
Bad: I am not getting to read myself much.  In fact I was so desperate for a new book, that I grabbed the newest David Sedaris is the only format the library had...large print.  This should be interesting!

Good: We are on soccer hiatus right now which means a lot less shuttling to practice and a lot more family/homework/life time.  We even went out to dinner last night.
Bad: It only took two months, but today our crazy morning schedule fell apart and I left a kid stuck between two schools on the opposite end of town than the one I was in.  He walked, I sucked!

Good: Candy and treats are everywhere in this house
Bad: My stomach!

Good: We're starting to plan out where Christmas will be this year (and it looks like I'm not hosting this time around...yay).  The girls are circling gift ideas in catalogs and I'm starting gift idea planning.
Bad: We're planning for Christmas!  How can we be that close to the snow already?  And the cold?  And the ice?  And the early darkness?  UGH!

Good: This it and teach it!
Bad: That is took me WAY too long to get the things in the article above.  It's written to teach a 10-year-old daughter, not a 40-year-old crazy lady!

I kid you not...I just forgot that it was an early schedule day and was late to pick the kid up to take him back to the first school (I hate early schedule, band day, dance class, no nap for Livie day)!!!!
Good: I have wine.
Bad: It's 9am.  Guess I'll have to settle for yoga and focus on this...

k said...

So! Many! Treats! I hear you, sister.

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