Work-in-Progress Wednesday 36

Remember this little project?  The artichoke, as my friend Julie calls it?  Well, I finally finished the front side of the pillow.  It's the Blooming Flower pattern from Attic 24, but I think I'm going to follow a different pattern for the back side.  I guess we'll see.  It took me forever to finish it because I kept getting bored and packing it away.  I pulled it out yesterday and forced myself to get the front done...finally!

My other WIP (and one I'm loving working on) is this chunky blanket.  I'm following this baby blanket pattern from Aesthetic Nest, but making it much bigger.  I'm thinking it will end up being about 40x60"...not too crazy big, but a nice solid throw blanket (as you can see above, it's made with three strands of yarn at once).  EJ picked the colors (it's super soft, but easily washable yarn) specifically for our Uncle who is going through cancer treatment right now.  There isn't much we can do, but I thought a snuggly blanket might be nice.  Now I just have to wait to get the rest of the yarn in the mail (the store is completely out of our colors...ugh!) to finish it up.  It's the perfect pattern to work on in this crazy house though.  Simple and easy to do while girls are reading to me or people are catching me up on their day.  No counting needed!
Unknown said...

I made a colourful version of that cushion but I really like how yours has turned out, it looks so different!

CathieJ said...

I love the color combination on the blanket. It is going to be sooooo warm and cozy!

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