Work-in-Progress Wednesday 37

I went to the yarn store this week and started a bunch more projects!  What spurred me was having the kids try on winter clothes this weekend.  Surprisingly I did not have to buy much this year...snow pants for Jack and boots for Liv (of course, they probably just grew while I typed that).  But they do need new hats!  So, I got yarn for a hat for each of them (and if Jack's works out, I'll make him a second from stash yarn).  The start is for a double pom pom hat for Livie.

This yarn is for a secret holiday gift project and I hope it turns out half as cool as I'm envisioning (can you tell that there was a good sale going on?).  More on this later...

As far as projects I'm actually hooking, I've been plugging away on Uncle Neil's blanket as the girls read to me.  It's a little over half done.  Measures about 36' long now.  I feel like the width shortened up on me though.  I was planning it at 40" and it measured about 35" this morning.  So, I might go a little shorter than planned on the length...we'll see I guess.  I'm also working on timing a gift project that I will need to make multiples of.  I'm at one hour and if I can complete it in two, I think I've found my pattern!