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One year ago today, I was heading in for surgery (cervical spinal fusion on C6 and C7).  A week later I looked like the pic on the left (oh how I hated that brace) and today I look like the pic on the right.  The surgery was such a smart decision and I feel great now.  I think my surgeon is awesome, but I realized last week (as I berated my poor friend Nellie about her thoughts on "how obvious" my scar was) that having the scar bothers me.  Oh well, battle wounds, right?

In honor of that revelation to myself, I thought I'd do a post today with 20 things you might not know about me.

1. My birthday is four years and two days before my brother's birthday (my parents' birthdays are also days apart).  This was not planned...at all...but it is kind of cool.

2. I have never broken a bone and my only surgery was for my spine.

3. I went to a school (elementary and middle) that drew kids from all over our city/county.  I bused there (both schools were about 30 minutes away).  When I started high school, I bused with the kids in my neighborhood and they all thought I had just moved to the neighborhood.

4.  In second grade, I took a huge yellow school bus and the only kids on the bus route were a me and a pair of brothers.  We called our bus driver Mr. Dan and we had the best time on that year.

5. Despite my Type A personality, I am a huge procrastinator.  I put things off (especially big projects) and then completely freak out because I don't have time to do them perfectly.  Case in point: I wrote/edited/rewrote/finalized by senior thesis in one week.  Literally all I did that week was write, turn in to my professor, sleep, pick up edits and begin again.

6. I hate snow and cold weather.  It snows every year on my birthday (usually of the blizzard/storm variety).  My two favorite birthdays were my 30th (in Hawaii) and my 35th (in the Dominican Republic).

7. My first time I flew was when I was in 8th grade (and unaccompanied minor truly mean unaccompanied...I almost missed my connecting flight).  I have only flown alone one time since then (flew to DC to drive with Julie to Chicago when she moved).

8. Matt's Grandma dies when I was pregnant the first time and my Grandma died when I was pregnant with Olivia.  I think that sucks and I wish my kids had gotten to know these awesome women.

9. I was in show choir.  There, I said it.  And when I say in, I mean truly into and happy to be in show choir (gold sequined outfit and all).  I was in concert choir and sang in musicals too (although I can't act for the life of me).  I also played violin for a long time.

10. My toenails almost always have nail polish on them.  I think it looks weird when I don't have them painted.  I think this goes hand in hand with the fact that I prefer to wear flip flops or be barefoot.
Bonus fact: Matt thinks feet are gross.

11. I started working when I was 16 years old (well, 11 if you count babysitting and cleaning gigs).  Needless to say, I completely freaked out when my daughter decided I needed to become a stay-at-home mom.  It took about a year before I finally settled in and stopped judging every move I made.  It's still the best job I've ever had.

12. In college, I took a film class where I had to write a pretty substantial paper on one movie.  I picked The Shining, but I couldn't really watch it alone (I get scared easily).  I'm pretty sure everyone in my dorm watched it with me at least once.

13. I cook dinner almost every night.  This is not surprising to people who know me now but probably is to people who knew me when I worked, was in college, etc.

14. I always wanted to live in a city in a two-story house when I was an adult (I grew up in the middle of nowhere in a ranch).  I love my house and my neighborhood.

15. I went to school for art history, museum studies, and library science.  I really love working in archives but have never done this for an actual job (only internships).

16. Someday I'd like to research and write a book about the Civilian Conservation Corp (especially in Wisconsin).  My Grandpa was in it and I think it is was a fascinating project and time in our nation's history.

17. I'm hard-pressed to name my favorite candy.  I kind of love them all (except Raisinets...those suck!).  I guess I would say jelly beans and Milky Way Dark and peanut butter cups and...

18. Many years ago, I won a random contest in a bar and got a free trip to Beverly Hills for two.  We stayed on Rodeo Drive, but we were broke at the time so it was super silly to be there.  I was supposed to go to a taping of 90210, but blew it off to go to Universal Studios with Matt (only one of us was invited to the taping).  The people running the trip were super mad.

19. Matt and I were both raised by single mothers.  I think they are both pretty cool chicks!

20. I grew up in the middle of nowhere which meant that cable didn't come to our area until it was everywhere else.  So this 80s junkie missed the launch of MTV and so much more.  I soaked in as much pop culture as my dial with 6 channels allowed (Friday Night Videos anyone), but I'm still a little bitter.

AEK said...

Love this! Especially like your idea of a book on the CCC - you must do this especially since your grandpa was in it. Too cool.

Sealed Shut said...

You just told the world more about yourself in a short blog than what I've told anyone in my life about myself.

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