4 Gifts: Want & Need

The premise of the 4 Gifts way of giving is to give:
-something they want
-something they need
-something they'll wear
-something they'll read

While we don't subscribe to this method of giving in our home, I love the way it forces you to be more intentional in your gifting ideas.  We are lucky to be part of a large family, all of whom spoil our kids.  So, we keep things fairly simple.  St. Nick fills our stockings on December 6th with a little candy, new holiday jammies, and small toys/games.  Santa brings one bigger thing...definitely the kids' "want" items.  And mom and dad give 1-2 things that are smaller.  Last year everyone got personalized treasure boxes.  This year we're doing two gifts each...a video game and a building item (tinkertoys, connectagons, nanos).  Then the aunts and uncles and grandmas go crazy with toys and art/craft supplies.

Today I'm linking up with Alyson and Karri to share some ideas for the want and need categories from my own wish list.  I tried to get the kids involved as well, but their ideas were all want and no needs (spoiled little buggers).

Speaking of spoiled, I can't say my needs are all that pressing, but are fun for gift-giving (obviously, I am lucky to already have my most important needs covered).

1) It gets cold in Wisconsin (shocker, right?) and when the cold hits, dryness comes right along with it.  We use this body butter on our hands and it is amazing!  All natural, made in the Midwest (by a fellow GuatMom) and it smells divine.  All of her products are incredible.

2) Another need is time with our family (and lets be honest, date nights with just the grown-ups too).  City Tins are a fun way to try new places, support local business and save lots of money doing it.  I love them so much that I've looked for similar products to gift to people in other cities.  I've found nothing as good as the original.

3) And shoes...who doesn't NEED shoes.  I always am in need of non-flip flop shoes and now that I've tried on and fell in love with the comfort of Danskos (and know how great they would be for my spine troubles), I think they should go on the need list.  They are expensive, but medicinal, right?  I love the Black Cherry Patent color of the mary janes too.

My wants are a bit silly, but isn't that what wants are all about?
{Bluth's Banana Stand Cup; Wisconsin Necklace; Overdue Book Calendar}

1) There is always money in the banana stand! Need I say more?  Arrested Development silliness, a fun cup for my DC addiction, and a dancing banana (it's on the backside).  Cute and fun!

2) I have been lusting after this necklace ever since I saw it on a person at the Urban Garage Sale.  I actually stopped her and begged her to tell me where she found such an awesome necklace.  What can I say? I've got Midwest pride.

3) The Overdue Book Calendar is a true love of mine.  Jack and I have used it for years to track our books read each month and the bright designs look awesome on my office wall.  There wasn't a calendar last year and I missed it SO much!  I would love to find this printed out for me on Christmas morning.

So, what are you wishing for this holiday season?  Link up here to share your wants and needs!
Unknown said...

So glad to see you linked up. Fun stuff too. We NEED a city tin. Totally forgot to buy one during the school fundraiser and am regretting it. Danskos... I've seen sooo many women wearing them since we've lived here and have heard how comfy they are. I think I need to try some on. Definitely checking out that hand cream too. I laughed at the banana stand cup, too funny. Oh and if you need an Etsy shop that sells the WI necklace, Karri & I know a girl. ;)

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