Inside Time

The drive to school looked like this today.  All brake lights and people driving like they've never been in snow before.  Every year it's like this and it always makes me insane, but when it makes me 20 minutes late for school drop-off, it also makes me lose it a bit.

Luckily, we've been enjoying being inside this weekend.  We had our first fire of the season...

EJ's been plowing through her newest fascination...Nancy Drew (and a little Black Beauty as well).

Matt and I had a date night and ended up at local brewery where they have added shuffleboard.  There was shuffleboard at the college bar everyone went to and I haven't played in ages, but I felt right at home.

New slippers (I had a coupon and a gift card so they were free)...

And now my kids have one more day of school and then they are off for almost a week.  Yikes!
k said...

I don't understand. We live in the Midwest and, geez, we had snow on the ground only five months or so ago? Y SO HARD, PEOPLE?!

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