Keeping the tooth fairy flyi...

{pattern for Jack's hat here, girls' hats were made up by me on the fly}

This past weekend, my kids had all of their teeth (semi-proof above) and we spent some time exploring the zoo.  The yellow leaves were fabulous, so I made them stop for a pic that didn't really come out too well.  I did make them some new hats, so I guess this pic is good for showing off something!  

We started out Monday morning with some excitement as I pulled EJ's first loose tooth out minutes before we needed to leave for school.  She then took my phone to document her new look on the ride to school.

Then Tuesday during school, EJ lost her other bottom tooth during Spanish class and got this cute little treasure box to carry it home.

Then after dinner, Jack was eating a Tootsie Roll and one of his baby molars (that we didn't even know was loose) came out mid-chew.  The tooth fairy has been kind of busy at our house, so I'm sorry if she missed a visit to any of your homes.  You can blame us!
k said...

So many teeth!

Fan of Warm Gear said...

You glossed over the warm and fuzzy hats. Perfect for this chilly weather!

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