Thoughts on a Thursday

*Matt and the kids did the annual pumpkin toss last weekend.  I objected as I'm sure the kids got black lung from the moldy insides, but Matt assures me they are fine.  I do know that they love every second of it...including shoveling the carnage off the street afterwards.

*I haven't been a very good blogger lately.  In fact, I am only writing right now because Jack is at school sick.  He is trying to make it through a statewide test this morning, but he looked terrible after math this morning so I'm not sure he'll hold out.  At any rate, I don't dare run an errand or exercise because that is always when the call comes through.

*Jack lost another tooth last Friday night.  The tooth fairy apparently got called to some of your houses towards the end of the week, because she didn't show up here until Sunday night.  Total slacker!

*I'm in the process of updating the frames in the dining room.  Our living room is mostly photo canvases, but last year I did a frame of a bunch of cousin pics, a big frame of Instagram pics from the summer/fall, and one big 16x20 in the dining room and thought I would update it more often.  I didn't, but I do love having those memories staring at us and pics of the kiddos we don't get to see every day there too.  So, a year later and I'm updating it again.  I just got the package of Instagram pics from FedEx, so I know what I'm working on this afternoon.

*Today Olivia was complaining that she is almost out of clean jeans and last weekend it was underwear.  This is what happens after a soccer season ends.  I'm so used to having to do at least one load of laundry every other day that I forget the kids run out of things when I don't keep up that schedule.  I'm already on load 3 this morning.

*The girls both just grew again, so I had to get them both some new shoes (EJ trashes her shoes now so there is not a lot of passing down anymore).  Jack is also in need of a couple things (soccer slides, crocs) and he is at the worst size.  Biggest kids size/smallest mens size is tough to find (especially cheaply).  These kids need to stop growing.

*Speaking of shoes, I tried on a pair of Danskos for the first time this week.  They could be the most comfortable shoe I've ever put on my feet.  I wanted to run out of the store with them.  I didn't even care that they were some scary metallic leaf print (warehouse shoe store).  I could make it work for that comfort!

*And for everyone that stuck through the most boring post of all time, I give you a terrible photo of your truly and the hubs from 1997.  Clearly we thought we looked, clearly we did not!
AEK said...

Matching belts!

k said...

I've never thought about hurling our pumpkins into the road.

Next year!

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