Christmas Activity Tree

We have become a busy family and I worry that with all the scheduled activities we are already committed to, that some of the special things we do in December get lost in the shuffle and forgotten.  In the past we've made a huge list of things we want to do in December, but then when Christmas Day comes and things are left on the list...lots of disappointment follows!

So this year, we are trying a different angle.  I made a small tree out of paper and the kids crafted "ornaments" with fancy edges scissors and printed paper (Livie drew on hers as well).  Each time we do an activity, we write it on an ornament and add it to the tree.  Activities can be fun things or things we do to help others (activities that use our Christmas spirit).  They can be small things, like watching a Christmas movie or building a fire, or bigger things (like cleaning out the entire playroom last weekend and donating lots of toys).

The best part is that we are watching the magic of the season grow as we add activities (this sits right on our dining room table, so it gets talked about every night) and get closer and closer to Christmas!
AEK said...

Love this idea!

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