Many Hats

In addition to the new hats for the kids, I've been making some gift hats as well this past month. I made these Packer hats for our Aunt and Uncle to try to bring the team some luck.  They swore they wore them on Thanksgiving, so it did not work at all!  The girl version is on Olivia (pattern here) and the boy's is on EJ (pattern here).

I also made these tiny hats for St. Nick's for my niece and nephew (this pic is horrible, but hopefully Julie will send me a good one of the kids wearing them...hint, hint).

Elizabeth's is a cupcake, although many people have guessed ice cream sundae due to the cherry on top (pattern here) and Mikey's is a football (pattern here).  Both were adjusted for size, but I hear I'm a little small on Elizabeth's hat...ugh!

And in searching for these hat pics, I bumped into this pic of Olivia wearing our activity tree as a hat.  How did I forget about this photo when I posted earlier this week?
If only it was warmer... said...

The Christmas Tree hat is awesome!

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