Cold Days

Seriously, it sounds like the Artic outside right now.  We've got some serious windage up in here.  I'd like to say that Liv is wearing her earmuffs just to stay warm, but she's been wearing them every minute lately no matter what.  We do have an insane amount of blankets in the living room though.  Old house = old windows = serious wind inside the house as well.

Jack has been wearing slippers all the time as well.  In fact, he wears them to the door and then tucks them under the kitchen cabinets so he can put them back on immediately after arriving home.  I so wish we could just snuggle up and hibernate this weekend, but of course we have plans.  Hopefully the running around will keep us warm.

The running around is keeping us static-y...

We've been trying to have a little bit of fun indoors when we can.  A couple of field trips to indoor fun places, working on pitching with very soft balls, and growing alligators to 600 times their original size (disgusting but a crowd pleaser).

I've been drinking water (ugh) like a grown-up is supposed to (but mostly so my skin/lips stop cracking), recording my viewing for Nielsen (how cool, right?), and eating obscene amounts of cherry gumdrop hearts ('tis the season).  I have not had much energy to get a whole lot done, so I was rewarded with a bit of a head cold...good times!  I'm looking forward to the weekend.

One more this (oh, how I love Bosom should be on Netflix, darn it!)