Forgotten Ripples

Yesterday I posted about picking a pattern for a new baby blanket (if you haven't voiced an opinion, please do!) and in searching for my own previous patterns, I realized I couldn't find some projects.  I mean this is the third kiddo and I couldn't find his brother's blankets.  Well, I found this one (my very first crochet project) and wondered why I hadn't made the oldest a new blanket (because that first one was not good!).  So, I hit my old photos and uncovered some oldies, but goodies!

Apparently I did already redo the oldest's blanket and made him a doggie friend (pattern here).  Even though they don't live in Wisconsin, I went with retro Brewers colors in hopes that he becomes as big of a fan as we are!

I blogged about my next nephew's arrival here and included the bear I made for him, but his blanket was nowhere on the blog.  I'm guessing that is because his blanket was not ready in time (not that I'm ever late on gifts, right?) or because my photos aren't that great.  Either way, here it is!

Did you notice a similarity there?  Yep, they are pretty much the same ripple pattern from Lion Brand Yarn.  The first (no border) can be found here and the second (with border) is here.  But again, they are pretty much the same blanket pattern.

I made one more of the ripple blankets for our neighbor.  I showed her bear and a sneak peek of the blanket here, but thought I'd include the full blanket photo as a comparison.  I love how different the blankets look in each colorway.

And now, I'm wondering if I should make the same blanket for baby #3 in a different colorway.  I really am not wanting too, but am wondering if it's weird to give the third a completely different blanket if the other two match?