Holiday Swap

I've never done a holiday gift swap through the web before, but when my friend Alyson set one up over at her blog Vintage Sunshine, I was excited to join in the fun.  I was so excited to put together a little package of some of my favorite things that I hoped my swap partner would love as well.  And the best part (although it's hard to see in this photo) is that I got to make her a little something as well!

The crochet piece in the back of all the little stuff is a cowl in Hokie colors.  I am not really sure what a Hokie is, but I do know that my swap partner is a backer.  :-)  I had the perfect yarn colors in my stash, so I got to work on this fun Bulky Striped Cowl pattern.  I know it's not especially cold where she lives, but thought a cowl might be fun for game day.

A small world kind of thing happened when I realized that I had purchased those gorgeous druzy stud earrings from my own swap partner without realizing it.  The exchange was a round-robin style and I ended up buying earrings from the person sending gifts to me to send to my person.  Funny, right?  The best part was that Erin is an awesome gal and in addition to the lovely things you see below (ignore the packing flyaways...I had just opened the box), I got my own pair of shimmery, white druzy earrings in the swap!

The swap was really fun and I'm glad to have some new Instagram buddies out of it.  I'd highly recommend doing a swap if you have a little extra time (and love to shop/gift, like I do).  And I highly recommend doing a little jewelry shopping at GUSSIED.  Erin as some fabulous finds...especially her new things for Valentine's Day!
Emily said...

What a great package! I totally got addicted to swaps in 2013 ... if you are on Ravelry you can find TONS of them.

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