Letting Go This Year

I've done resolutions.  I've done the goal list.  I've done the word for the year.  And I've realized that they might be helpful, but they all boil down to me listening to myself.  I need to make choices that make myself happy and productive and living an enjoyable life in my own eyes.  Finding your own happy in each day...from the big to the little.

In addition, unexpected things are going to get thrown your way...good and bad.  I've found that if goals/plans are too rigid, the unexpected brings everything to a grinding halt.  So instead, I try.  I try to do the things I enjoy (like reading and creating and hanging out with people I love) and the things I should do (like cleaning and exercising), but if everything doesn't go as planned I have to let it go.

Apparently this Type A girl is turning a little more "go with the flow" as she ages.  No worries...I'm still Type A and proud, but I've got to focus on making a good story.  In fact, I've just got to focus on the good, because the one thing I know for sure as I head into this new year is that I have a pretty awesome life.