New Year's Eve with the Family

We planned a chill New Years this year.  Well, in truth, we didn't plan anything at all on purpose.  We've been busy over the winter break and really just wanted to hang at home together.  But...I also didn't want the night to be boring.  So I trolled the interweb for ideas and found many people recommending a balloon countdown.

I wrote "things to do" ideas on slips of paper and put them inside balloons.  Once they were blown-up, I wrote a time on each balloon and the kids hung them in order on our mantel.  Most balloons were timed about 30 minutes apart with some being longer if they were longer activities,

Then they took turns taking them down and popping them (sometimes with their booties, sometimes with a scissors).  The best thing was that I didn't write down when the activities were happening, so I was forced to go with the flow as well and just do what popped up each time!

Some things were active...

And some were super chill...

In the end I was surprised how well it worked out.  We started at 4pm and didn't have any "time to fill" until 11:35.  We were so busy that even Liv stayed awake until 11:45!  I was thrilled that my last minute plan was a success and the kids all asked to do it again next year.  I'll have to actually plan out some new activities for that one.

Our list of activities this year was:
geocaching (last of the year and a trade of travel bugs)
joke time
printable 2014 coloring page
make shakers
snack buffet dinner (set up together and then eating by candlelight)
goal for the new year
just dance
ice cream sundae/topping bar
ring in 2014 (with Ring Pops)
Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Heather! Sounds like a wonderful idea, when our children are a little older I will have to remember it! Looks like a lot of fun xx

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