Vacation Photos

In a different time, I would invite you over for drinks and then surprise you with a narrated slide show of our vacation pics.  Lucky for you, I'll just throw some of my favorites here on the blog for you to skim through.  Unlucky for you, there are no drinks.

Last week, we went to Mexico.  First we had a little sun and then a lot of rain and then a day of perfect weather.  It was still way better than the cold and snow and ice of home.  And we had an awesome time together eating yummy foods (hello, fresh pineapple) and drinking fruity drinks (well, Jack and Liv had a lot of chocolate milk) and hanging out in the lobby.

Are You Going through Pineapple Withdrawal? said...

I miss it already. The pics capture it perfectly!

Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome holiday! X

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