A Couple Things I Learned this week

*It's tough to admit (because I always wanted a sister), but having a brother is pretty cool.  Today mine turns 38.  Happy Birthday, D!

*This mini foot treatment is awesome!  I tried it this weekend and while it did not undo all the winter damage (yet another reason I hate winter), my feet were so much better.  I had to promise the girls that next time they could get in on the action too though.

*I chose the bobble blanket and so far, so good.  I cropped this pretty close, but sadly this is about all the width I have going so far...only 1.5 skeins used.  I am going to probably need to buy about 2 more skeins, but still a good stash buster.  And hopefully a great gift.  It really is a fun blanket.

*I am buried in sorting out cookie money right now.  I am thrilled that EJ did so well selling (and is still selling) but it's something trying to organize if you were paid and what you need to pay and what needs to be delivered.  I think I've got it all sorted out, but it was a good reminder of why I said no to being Cookie Mom.  :-)

*Massages are awesome!  This is not new information, but when I go (forever) without getting one, I start to think that they are not something you need and purely for fun.  And then I walk out of one and think to myself...why does my back feel so normal?  How f-ed up was my back before?  Maybe it's age, but I'm starting to plan how I can afford regular massages to keep my jacked up back not jacked up!

*Also...I have always had a woman do my massage and I think that is over now.  I had a man this week and damn was it better.  Either that or his "medium" pressure is on a different scale.  Whatever the case, he is my new BFF.

*This box has been living under my desk for at least a year (maybe more).  It's huge (20" square) and filled to the brim with loose photos and yearbooks.  I have hidden it under my desk and said it was on my long-term list of things to do.  Today I am planning to pull it out and into the living room.  Because...having this huge box in the living room will make me absolutely crazy and perhaps I will finally get off my butt and sort it out.  Baby steps, right?

*Either that or I'll just give up and take a nap...

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your brother! You guys' birthdays are super close, that's so neat. The box... oh, I have a couple like that. They scare me. One day!

Karri said...

Look at me! I can comment!!! I am usually reading from my phone, which wont let me comment. Maddening. Anyway..I love that blanket. Can't wait to see the final product!!!

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