A little wrap up

I finally finished the artichoke pillow (as Julie calls it) and it is now living happily on our couch.  The front is the Blooming Flower pattern from Attic 24 and the back is via Repeat Crafter Me.  The pattern was repetitive but you still had to pay attention on the increases, so I was more apt to put it down than finish it up.  I love the end result but I really had to force myself to finish this one.

Last weekend, Jack had a fun night away and we thought the girls deserved a special night as well.  So, we packed up their favorite game and some gummy bears and headed out.  There is a new craft brewer who opened a small tasting space (kind of warehouse-y, but also the spot perfect for taking kids), so we enjoyed yummy beers and they had root beer and water and a visit from Auntie Sandy.  They were up late, but they definitely had fun!

Middle school orientation...just not right!  Thank goodness the kids are more self-sufficient at entertaining themselves these days because we have had a few meetings on our changes for next year.  Whew!  We are also in a couple of lotteries for next years' placements and just like the state lottery, it is not easy to have your ticket drawn.  So if anyone would like to join us in collectively crossing our fingers, we would love your good thoughts.

Along with preparing to start middle school, we are fundraising to leave elementary school in style, so the school has been throwing many a bake sale.  I haven't signed up to work one (because late nights and Liv are usually no bueno), so I've been baking away.  Last week, I got a little lazy and did some easy baking, but the results were yummy!  I highly recommend these Avalanche Bars and these Peanut Butter Cup Marshmallow Brownies.

The girls have grown (again) and it would be so easy to just pass jeans down to Livie, but...EJ tends to wear out the knees of her jeans faster than any other person on Earth.  My solution was some fun patches.  My solution didn't work out too well (iron-on, my a**), so my next attempt it going to be to fabric glue these puppies on.  Any other suggestions?

Recently EJ has been wearing her cowl as a headband.  And then finding a very old headband I made the girls (3 years ago) and jamming it on her head.  So, on Sunday I got out my yarn and whipped up this new headband/ear warmer for her.  The colors in the photos are not great but the main band is in the neon green I used in this project and then the flower is bright blue, grey and sparkly pink.  She wore it for the rest of the day, so I'll call it a win.

This week is full of snack mom days and sports practices and playdate hosting and school events and maybe just a little fun too.  What are you up to this week?
Sheri said...

Try badge magic that they sell at the Girl Scout office. I don't know how well it stays after heavy washing, but it really makes those patches stick. My friend also uses it for quickly shortening pants!

Mmmm...Bear and Gummy Bears said...

I'm glad Livie was taking notes at the middle school orientation. We can ask her about any of the details we might have missed.

cyndi said...

Love the "artichoke" pillow - super cute! Middle school?!?? Ugh. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out like you want. Hello yummy recipes! Definitely need to pin these for later!

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