80s Exchange

{cross-stitch pattern from wee little stitches}

My brother and I are four years apart in age, but our birthdays are two days apart which is kind of cool.  As kids, my mom made big signs for our birthday mornings and definitely made each one a big deal (not one big celebration, but two).  Now it's kind of fun that our birthdays are at the same time, so we gift at the same time.  And while the big presents are always nice, I like the handmade stuff we give each other even more.  My all-time favorite is this soundtrack that D made for me.

My mom was also very tolerant of our 80s music (although we weren't always tolerant of each others music) and let us watch the same movies over and over again.  I don't know how she didn't go completely insane when my brother watched Ferris Bueller 5000 times, but she did.  Today my brother, my husband, my oldest friend, and my kids (I'm working on them) quote lines to each other in everyday conversation.  We love our old-school movies here.

So this year I decided to make my brother a little something based on his favorites and cross-stitched up Sloane, Cameron, Ferris, Jeannie, and Mr. Rooney (pattern here, above with my modifications).  I hope he loves it (yes, don't tell him yet...we're a month late on getting him his present...shhh!).  It was really fun to make, especially because I haven't cross-stitched in years!

This was D's awesome gift to me this year...
His friend makes these pencil cups out of cassette tapes and he picked an awesome lineup for me...Depeche Mode, U2, Chemical Brothers, and New Order.  I'm trying to get info on her shop and I'll post a link when I have it.  Love it!!  And as Livie told me, it's cool because it is repurposed (thanks for the lingo, PBS Kids).

Karri said...

so so cool!!!!!

cyndi said...

Such cool ideas!!! Love that you cross stitched his fave 80's movie :)

Unknown said...

Love what you made for your brother. Nice job! And, that cassette pencil holder is awesome!

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