A New Habit

I've never been an audio book person.  I've tried to listen in the past, but I'm very visual and so I start listening to something and then I get bored and either start reading something on my phone or doing something with my hands.  Next thing you know, I have no idea what is happening in the book.

Last summer, the kids and I were driving around all together quite a bit and decided to switch to the audio version of The Wizard of Oz (we had been reading it together previously).  They loved listening in the car and we finished up the book on a long road trip.  On that road trip, I totally spaced out and must admit that I didn't hear half of the book during that time.

Jack is doing a Battle of the Books event for school and has a stack of six books to read.  He reads all the time, but I think the stack (and the note-taking that was to go along with it) was a bit overwhelming.  So, I offered to read them along with him.  However, I started running low on time and decided to take advantage of my many car trips alone (kid dropoffs and pickups) to get myself through the 600 page book shown above.  It's actually going really well, because I can't really do much more than drive and listen.  There have been a couple times that I started list-making in my head, but overall my concentration has been pretty good.

I'm thinking that after I finish this book, I might keep up this habit in the car.  There are couple books (pop culture reads) that I've read before and want to revisit.  I'm thinking my time in the car will be much more fun with friends like Andy Cohen and Mindy Kaling, right?

Karri said...

Great idea. Oh battle of the books ;) I remember that.

Anyway...I, too, am a visual person. But I've had success with audio books on solo car trips WHEN they are audio books that I am super interested in listening to.

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