Long time, No photos...

Hi everyone!  Long time, no posts.  We've had a little craziness going on in our world, but we've also been busy with fun things.  So I thought the best way to jump back in would be with a photo-filled post.  So to catch up a little....

Olivia had a little date with me one Saturday afternoon.  We had a lunch and then went to a paint your own pottery place for a little artistic fun...just the two of us.  She picked a cat.  No one was surprised.

We had this date because the big kids were busy at an event doing a little jumping.

We spent a family night out at a small, local brewery/tasting room...

We did a puzzle...1000 pieces (Mom & Dad may have spent a late night finishing it up).

EJ was the last girl in her school (and possibly the US) to see Frozen...she loved it!

A gorgeous new cousin/nephew entered the world (can't wait to hold this little guy).

We watched speed skating trials at our local rink.  Our city is so cool that we have an Olympic training center in it...pretty awesome, right?

Jack's painting is featured in a show at our local bookstore.  He was just a little proud.

And after all of that (and more...), we crashed!

Happy Monday, everybody!