Lately, I've been taking inspiring pins and making them work for me.  The printable above is a great example.  I found the "You've Got This" chart on Creature Comforts and loved it.  Ez is using it as a workout chart and uses two colors (a good and a bad) to track her progress.  Jack's speech teacher recently told us that it takes doing something for 21 days to make it a habit and I thought this chart would be a great way to track things I want to become an everyday habit.  So, I get to color (messily) in a stripe each day that I do the thing I want to become a habit (even if I just do it for a few minutes).  I'm on track, although it's just day 3, but "no snacking" has been a super tough one for me.  I'm a huge snacker (in fact I usually snack more than I eat meals), but...this holiday treats/back injury/vacation weight isn't going to lose itself.  I am loving the workout/read/create stripes much more though.

{photo courtesy of Shugary Sweets}

These Fluffernutter Krispie Treats looked awesome and I knew we had to make them.  Guess what? They were awesome!  I think I may be making them again soon for EJ's birthday treat, but next time I will make just a few small changes to the recipe.  The treats were thick.  A little too thick to manage for me (which means really hard for the kids).  I plan to use a 9x12 pan instead of the 9x9 recommended to get the height down a bit.  Also, when I made these the first time, I burned the peanut butter chips instead of melting them (serves me right for trying to do a microwave shortcut) and so I ended up using a PB chip/chocolate chip combo on top (using what I had in the pantry) and it was really good.  I think that next time I will do that again and forgo the PB cups on the top.  They look really cute, but I think the treats are divine on their own and with chocolate on the top, they will still be awesome!

Matt changed jobs, I pulled out an old phone for Jack to use, etc. - basically what I'm trying to say is that my kitchen counter turned into a mess of charging electronics overnight.  In browsing Pinterest to find a possible "charging station," I found a great way to keep the mess under control.  I found this file folder sorter at Target for $4.  Contains the mess, the kids can reach the devices they need, easy to charge whatever needs charging, and there is even a spot for my glasses.  Problem solved!

{photo courtesy of Alessia Scrap & Craft}

Yesterday, I found this great tutorial for Wave Stitch on Alessia Scrap & Craft and I really want to make something with this awesome stitch  It's just so unique and I love how it is woven together (looks much harder than it actually is).  Yep, haven't figured out how to make this one my own as I'm not sure what to make with it.  Thoughts?
Karri said...

I need to find that at Target. I am so sick of ipads and kindle and phones all over the place!

That printable is a cute idea. Thinking I can do that with a person or four over here....

Eileen said...

I love the Wave Stitch too! I have no idea what to make with it but it looks like fun! Let me know if you come up with any ideas. :)

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