Recent Days

It seems crazy that Spring sports are starting up again (well, practices for Spring sports at least) and it is so dreary and yucky here!  It has snowed, it has rained, and it has not been sunny at all!  Yuck!  Come on sun!

So, these are some of the things I've been doing to keep busy while we wait.  EJ had yet another family party with my family this time and I forced my mom to take a pic with the kids.  Fifteen photos and this was the best one...why can't my kids just look and smile??

I stopped at Miller Park to get a gift card for a friend and was amazed at their attempts to melt the snow by spreading it out across the parking lot.  I thought I'd take a pic to show what needed to melt in just one week and my companion decided to photo-bomb me!

I have been spending time on the treadmill and clearly my choices have been trending a bit.  Just below this category was Dramas Based on Books.  Netflix gets me!

I'm plugging along on my baby blanket when I get a chance.  I'm running out of time to finish, so I need the girls to read to me a little more so I can get it finished.

Looks like we're starting a couple bath remodels here too.  It was on the agenda for this year already, but the upstairs bathroom forced our hand with a major clog.  We've all been using the downstairs bath for about 3 days now and it's already getting old.  I'm remembering how much I hated having only one bathroom in our old house (yes, I am spoiled).

Jack's soccer practices were supposed to move outdoors this week, but the weather has not made that possible.  The indoor location is not exactly close-by however, so if it is a short practice we often need to kill time.  Last night that meant a trip to Target (for Diet Coke and sketchpads for the girls) and then a little geocaching in the dark (the filter made it look much brighter).  Liv and I (the smart ones) chose to stay in the car.

Happy Weekend!