Seven and a Surprise

EJ turned 7 yesterday and our gift to her was this earring stand, a couple pairs of earrings, and an appointment after school to get her ears pierced.  She had been asking for a few years to get her ears pierced but we had said no for a long time.  We wanted to wait until she was older and could be responsible for caring for them herself (after the initial 6-week starter period) and I also wanted to do a little research of my own.  I'd read a lot of articles regarding where to get piercings done for kids (most recently, this article) and had my own concerns about the age & cleanliness of the mall option.  After asking for recommendations from friends with kids, we ended up at an awesome piercing shop that I will be recommending now.  They were awesome with EJ (and with her parents), let me take pics of the process, and really helped a nervous little girl feel at ease.

So, here is the photo play-by-play...

Waiting and trying to not be nervous.

Guide dots set and almost ready to go...

 Nothing has happened yet...this is all nerves.

First piercing in progress...

Getting ready for #2...that pout was so sad.

Second piercing is done...getting her fancy dark pink/purple hoop put into her ear.

All smiles after she hopped off the table. She rebounded very quickly.

Outside the shop on our way to her birthday dinner.  I can't believe how grown-up she looks at seven!

EJ was so brave and I was really proud of her for keeping her nerves in check in the moments leading up to everything.  It also helped that the staff was so kind from helping her pick out the perfect hoops to talking to her and making her laugh throughout the piercing process.  Today, EJ is off to school to show off her new earrings to her her friends.  She didn't tell any of her friends yesterday so she could surprise them today!
AEK said...

Miss M has yet to ask to get her ears pierced but when she does I seriously think I will go the same route you did. It just makes sense in my mind. I love EJ's earring choice. So cute!

Unknown said...

She is so cute! Awesome that you all had such a great experience. That picture of her seeing the earrings and stand is priceless! LOVE the hoops she picked out too, cute!

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