Time with the Boy

He's the only boy...the firstborn with an almost 4 year gap before the girls joined the family.  He is quiet, he is super busy with activities and sports and homework, and he likes to do his own thing.  He has bravely faced a lot of changes and new experiences as we have tried (many times) to find the right school situation for him.  And while he may get grumpy, he rarely complains and always tries to do his best.

This past week at school was not a good one for Jack.  So when Matt's mom asked to have the girls overnight this weekend, we jumped at the chance.  I can't remember the last time that it was just the three of us and I think Jack enjoyed pretending to be an only child for the night.  We went out to dinner, we stayed out late watching the Badgers win (yay!), and we talked, laughed, and just had fun hanging out.

Our schedule can get pretty crazy.  I often feel like my job is to nag and keep everybody moving.  But I hope no matter how busy we get, and no matter how old this kid gets, he know how proud he makes me and how much I like hanging out with him too!
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Lisa said...

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is where I got the name "Cameron" from!

Miss you!


Unknown said...

If you ever need to, you can always leave the girls with us too. ;) We'd be happy to have them. I'm noticing lately that the 5 yr age gap has it's perks, but also has some draw backs too so we've been making sure that Brookelyn gets that time with just us as well. Hope he's had a better couple of weeks since then.

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