Great Strides 2014

This is Ella.  She is the daughter of my college roomate, Lindsay.  She is 10 years old.  She is living with Cystic Fibrosis.
As Cystic Fibrosis has continued to destroy her lungs bit by bit by bit, Ella has continued to grow into a strong, intelligent, silly, sweet, stylish, sporty, talented, loving, responsible young lady.  Her strength, resilience and maturity is amazing.  For TEN YEARS Ella has been managing this life-shortening disease with amazing grace and tenacity. 
Ten years means 70+ doctors visits, 40+ throat cultures, 6000+ hours doing breathing treatments, 110,000+ pills swallowed and so much more including breathing tests, chest x-rays, blood draws, and surgeries.  This girl is a fighter!
A message from Ella:
A few precious donations from you could change my life drastically. It could lead to more than seven hours of sleep a night, more play time with my friends, and more moments with family, because with your donations will come a cure. A cure that means no more treatments, no more pills, no more worrying about hospital stays. So, please donate as much as you can or even a dollar makes a difference.
We are starting our fundraising late and have just two weeks to raise money to help Ella and the 30,000 others living with CF in the United States.  Any contribution you make is 100% tax deductible and the CF Foundation will use over 90 cents of every dollar raised to find and fund A CURE.
PLEASE CLICK HERE to donate or learn more.  Thank you!