The Science Bug

I am consistently finding layouts like this around the house.  Olivia is obsessed with making things and testing things and doing experiments.  Some of it is self-driven and some of it seems to stem from Olivia and EJ's love of Design Squad (they could watch snippets of experiments for hours on the ipad app).  This marble run was located at the entrance to the office for about three days.  It was not convenient, but Livie kept returning to it to try new things (the animals are helping her test her prototypes...lingo courtesy of Design Squad as well).  She has Tinkertoy creations all over the playroom and she'll be adding Snap Circuits to the collection on her upcoming birthday.

I've been starting to think about summer projects and realized that while we've done a lot of science-based projects in the past, they were all done when Liv was too little to really get much out of them (or remember them).  So, in addition to rounding up ideas on my Projects for the Kids Pinterest board, I decided to do a round-up of our past projects here for easy reference.

Magic Powder

Gummy Bear Experiment

Pencil vs Ziploc Bag

Walking Water

Naked Eggs

Hand-tossed Ice Cream

I also found out about a site/app recently called DIY.  I haven't completely figured it out yet, but it looks like kids can sign up and then work on projects/challenges to earn points.  There are patches for completing certain skills and ideas for forming a group of kids in your area to work together on projects.  I'm definitely doing some more investigation before summer (finally) gets here!
Igor to Your Frankenstein said...

Your summer activities are the best! I forgot about all this experiments. The kids always have a blast.

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