The Shock of Spring

When you live where it is super cold in the Winter, the start of Spring is awesome.  You put on (way too light) jackets and spend as much time outside as you possibly can even though there is mud everywhere and the grass is brown and gross.  The kids have logged a lot of hours biking down the sidewalks, forcing me to play catch in the front yard and begging Dad to bring all of the outside toys out of storage.  They are ready and honestly, so am I (although I'm not putting the snow boots away yet because you never know what can happen here).

The other shock of Spring is that all of the activities kick into high gear.  Dance recitals, band and choir concerts, soccer and baseball practice, signing up for summer classes and camps, and school meetings and programs.  My menu planning just made the switch to meals I can cook and get on the table in 20 minutes and things that can be eaten in the car on the way to practice.  And the shopping kicks into high gear as well.  Usually feet grow (the girls performed in super tight tap shoes last week...oops!) and new cleats are needed.  I've spent the last week in search of new black dress pants for Jack.  I went to 4 of the exact same store (same store, different locations) and still am only close to the size he needs.  Yikes!

So, amid all the craziness, I try to focus on the fun and not get so stressed out.  I say every year that April and May just get me warmed up for all the summer driving I do.  Most of all, I look to the kids for inspiration.  Liv had the worst start to her week (and still isn't feeling all that great), but she got a haircut yesterday and I don't think she's stopped smiling since then.  You have to remember the fun and try to roll with the crazy.
Karri said...

she looks so darn cute with that big girl haircut!

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