Do I really need another hat?

{photo by EJ; scary eye wrinkles and broken nose are all me}

I made this hat one night last week while watching my dvr'd trash tv shows after the kids went to bed.  I had been searching for something else earlier in the day and ran into this pic of the hat and decided I needed to have it (pattern is here).  I had other things to do and it is May for goodness sake...did I truly need to make this hat?  Probably not, but I wanted it, so I made it.

Well, we are starting out Spring outdoor soccer season and our weather is crazy.  Here are the girls outside on two consecutive Saturdays.  The left pic is on April 20th and the right is April 27th (and they were not dressed warm enough...and had a blanket over their laps).  Something is seriously wrong with our weather!

I threw the hat in my purse on my way out the door to Jack's soccer tournament this weekend and I was so glad I did.  It was about 10 degrees colder at the fields compared to our neighborhood and it was super windy as well.  Don't let Jack's lack of layers fool you (I try, he resists), it was cold.  Thank goodness I decided I needed a new hat.

Come on Spring!
Warm Body = Happy Body said...

You also need more hats if your offspring keep stealing them for themselves!

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