I'm wondering...

We have been so busy lately and I think this is how most of us feel all the time.  I mean...Jack is sleeping...that NEVER happens.  I was driving or I think I would have joined them in napping.  SO anyway, things are crazy busy (but in a good way), but I have a couple things I've been wondering about as I'm out and about.

1) Are Birkenstocks back in again?  This old lady needs some comfy sandals for everyday running around this summer with a little more support than the flips.  I was eyeing up the Gizeh but I went to a very granola/crunchy college and I'm having flashbacks.  Then I'm running around town and I'm seeing TONS of kids in Birks.  So now I'm thinking that I'm both too old and not granola enough to wear these shoes.

2) What kind of art do you hang in a bathroom?  We've always had small bathrooms with not a lot of wall space, so it's never been a big issue.  Now that we're redoing a space, I'm seriously over-thinking it.  I've searched a bit and it seems big themes are instructions (wash, brush, floss kind of things) and travel.  So far, I'm working with a water theme (duh) and I think I have what I like picked out (starting with these hooks), but what do you think about bathroom art/decoration?

3) What was your first concert and how old were you?  I'm contemplating a concert for Jack's birthday present (contemplating meaning I haven't talked to Matt about it yet...just been thinking about it).  I know he's kind of young so it would depend on the band/artist and venue.  The kid deserves some fun though...and EJ's ear piercing birthday experience kind of set the bar high!
mom said...

Don't know about #1 or #2, but for #3, maybe the guest artist or featured person could be a szx player. Seeing as that is Jack's instrument. Maybe by that time of year, there may be a children's concert or at least a concert featuring a children's story.

Karri said...

yep, birks are totally back in! and you don't need to be granola-y to rock them this time around. i see them on pinterest w/ people who are more dressed up and people who are in jeans and tees. contemplating getting myself a classic black pair.

yep on the bathroom art. trying to find a perfect piece myself for our 1st floor bathroom.

i was in 6th grade when i went to my first concert...the bangles. at summerfest. i def. don't think he's too young, if its not someone inappropriate ;) i would jump at the chance at taking one of my kids to see one of their fave artists if the date and place worked for us. i think instilling the love and appreciation of music is a good thing.

Like School on a Saturday said...

#1 - did they ever go out of style?
#2 - instead of art, how about a library shelf?
#3 - 2LiveCrew when I was 8 years old. Was that wrong?

cyndi said...

1. Birkenstocks are totally back in style (or at least that's what I keep reading/seeing).

2. The art in our bathrooms vary - one has a coastal theme, one has this print - https://www.etsy.com/transaction/45242783 and our master bath has a "kiss me" and "laugh with me" prints. Go with what you like and makes you happy - you'll be seeing it a lot!

3. 7th or 8th grade -- went to see Wham! :)

stephanie said...

I got some great summer sandals that are half-way between birks & flip-flops, and I totally recommend them :)


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