Read Aloud Advice?

The girls and I need your help to find another book as wonderful as The Year of Billy Miller.  it was cute and funny (with his little sister Sal often stealing the show) and features a stay-at-home Dad and has a boy main character (who is right around EJ's age) and best of all it is written by one of our favorite authors (and Racine native), Kevin Henkes.  We loved this book and recommend it highly!

But we now have a problem.  I read a chapter or two to the girls each night and I fear we are out of book ideas (especially after coming off such a great title).  The girls prefer funny over serious.  They love stories about kids around their age.  They like animal stories.  I'm reading the books to them but they are just 5 and 7, so the language can't be too tough (for example, Anne of Green Gables...we made it one page and they were confused!).  Subject matter obviously has to be age-appropriate.  Any suggestions?

For reference, these are books we have already read aloud and enjoyed...
There's A Hamster in My Lunchbox
Stuart Little
Mr. Popper's Penguins
Thumbelina, Tiny Runaway Bride
Cinderella, as if you already didn't know the story
The Wizard of Oz
Ramona Quimby series - all
Ella Enchanted
Henry Huggins series - all
Mary Poppins
The Chocolate Touch
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
How to Eat Fried Worms
The Year of Billy Miller
Charlotte's Web (currently reading)
Little House Books (EJ has already read these herself)
Boxcar Children (EJ is reading these to herself)
AEK said...

While I don't have any concrete suggestions, my local library has a neat thing called the Book Genie. You can try it out here: You don't have to have a library card there to use it. It is pretty neat and might give you ideas you didn't think of. I love how you read chapter books to your girls. C and I just read picture books together - I think she would like the idea of a chapter a night. You have inspired me!

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