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I've been MIA for a number of reasons lately, but that gives me the perfect excuse to fill this post with a lot of smiling faces having fun this last month.  First of all, the Easter Bunny stopped by.  The girls set up their usual brown sugar and carrots plate hoping to see some bunny tracks.  This year the bunny went a little nuts and there was brown sugar everywhere.  He must have been hungry!

Before the bunny's big day, our neighborhood association had an awesome egg hunt (made even better because there was no snow on the ground this year).  We also colored the night before Easter.

Olivia turned 5 last month.  She was not excited about it though...she really liked being four apparently.  She embraced her big day however.  There were doughnuts and a robot fish from her siblings...what's not to like?

Liv also had a little celebration at Grandma's house before her big day.  That's where she got to bring her cake...vanilla of course!

We've had a tiny bit of nice weather...

And a lot of crappy, rainy weather.

I finally got to meet my new nephew!

And we realized how tall Olivia is...she is just 7 months older than the cousin on the left.

And just yesterday, EJ finally got to pull out her starter hoops and enter of the world of changing her earrings.  I have a feeling her allowance will be dwindling down very soon!

This weekend is soccer, soccer, and more soccer.  I'm hoping for warmer weather than we had last weekend and no rain.  Then it will be fun!
Karri said...

We had those same meow rainboots!!! I have a cat rainjacket that we can pass on as soon as the girl is done with it this season!

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