Teacher Appreciation Gifts (OK'ed by an Older Kid)

I have two girls just starting off their elementary school days and one "big kid" boy who is wrapping his up (very soon actually).  He is very thankful for all his teachers do and really is a kid who wants to show that appreciation through gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week, but...he is 10...and a boy.  I think you see my dilemma here.  Thankfully I was able to pull together a week's worth of gift ideas and printables to go with them that the 10-year-old was okay with (maybe even happy) bringing to his teachers.

Day 1 - Chocolate (simple and yummy)

Day 2 - Apple (a classic)
{free printable available here}

Day 3 - A Favorite Book to Share (Jack wrote a note in each book and also gave to a couple special teachers from years past)
{free printable available here}

Day 4 - Cookie from a Local Bakery (big enough to nibble all day)
{free printable available here}

Day 5 - Gift Card to a Local Restaurant (I am jealous of this one!)
{free printable available here}

Bonus Idea:
The girls go to a smaller school and that means that they work with many of the teachers and staff at the school.  I wanted to do a little something for all of them (in addition to the classroom teacher gifts), but there are 8 of them and that adds up.  In addition, I needed a gift that would work for men and women.
{free printable available here}

These small photos albums came in an assortment of patterns/colors (with just a little bit of shimmer to them as well).  I added the tag to the front cover and added the line "here is a place to keep the highlights of yours" at the bottom of the tag (along with the girls' signature). A cute, but practical, thank you!
You Rock! said...

Awesome gifts all around!

Karri said...

AWESOME ideas!!! Stealing some of them for the staff and Aidan's teacher.

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