A Simple Way to Track Summer Reading

I have three kid readers in the house this summer and that makes for a lot of tracking for summer reading programs.  In the past we've done library & store reading programs (which we will do again this year) and other personal plans where we've read specific books together (here and here).  This year we are going simple.  In this gum-ball machine are 100 mini super balls.  Each time someone finishes a book (including me), they get to "buy" a super ball.  When we get to 20 balls, we get a treat (ice cream, candy store visit, something else the kids brainstorm...and agree on).  If we go through the 100 balls, we'll load it up and start again.

And while there is no set "reading list" this year, I did update the lists I keep all year round for the Jack and EJ of "books I think they might like."  This way in addition to the authors and series they already read, they have an easy way to find something new.  You can take the librarian out of the library, but you can't make her stop suggesting books!

I honestly have no idea how this will go over.  I think maybe it will go in spurts or that one kid will "carry" the group at different points of the summer.  I promise to update, but I am very curious how many books we will read this summer...

mom said...

Are you going to use real money to buy the super balls? If so, what will you do with the money you have in the machine. 113

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