First Week of Summer

As expected, the first week of summer was not a warm one (2 of 5 swim classes were canceled), but we still managed to have some fun.  We signed up for all the summer reading clubs, walked another 2.5 miles as a family, and even managed to do a couple science activities.

Puffy paint

Adding paperclips to a full glass of water

The kids cooked dinner for the family

We did our annual flower shopping and planting with Grandma...and also discovered this cool ant colony under a patio brick at her house.

The girls invented this game where they bounce a ball off the first bucket and try to make it into the other buckets down the line.  Reminds me of beer pong...keeps them busy for ages!

And we wrapped up the week with a family dinner out at a neighborhood restaurant in honor of our 16th anniversary (photo by EJ).

The second week of summer is crazy busy.  We start at 8am and go from one activity to the next until bedtime (sometimes we get to stop home for dinner and a uniform change).  Everyone is starting to get a little cranky (the cloudy weather is not helping) and I am longing for the weekend (and summer weather).
Put on Your Walkin' Shoes said...

That was a busy first week, although it is a lazy week compared to what's on deck for week 2. I liked the walk, especially because I didn't think the kiddos could make it that far. Now that I know they can, bring on more!

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