In the Nick of Time

We are having a rainy and dreary day full of thunderstorms.  This kind of weather really limits the summer activities we've all been waiting to start.  The kids are busy this morning but I have a feeling that the "I'm bored!" comments might start sometime after lunch.  Luckily, I finished off this year's version of the bored jar this morning, so we should be all set!

This year the kids can do a lot of the same things and actually like to do them together as well (yay for me), so I mixed things up a bit.  The bunch on the right are separated into two types...things anyone can do alone (three dots side by side) and things they should do in groups of 2 or 3 (dots all bunched together).  The bunch on the left are things they can do alone (each child has their own color dot) that are child-specific.

This works really well for us in the summer months in those "down time" moments.  My kids tend to forget about what they have once the items are put into drawers and closets, so these sticks help them to remember all the fun toys/games/crafts they love (but I have "organized").  I'm crossing my fingers that this helps us through the rainy summer days!