Keeping Warm on the Sidelines

We have had an especially cold year up here in the Midwest and I have spent both the Spring and Fall freezing my butt off on the soccer field sidelines.  One of the other families had these double-layer fleece blankets every week and they just looked so warm and cozy (I was a little jealous).  So, even though summer is approaching, I finally decided to tackle the project myself.  Their blankets were tied.  I decided to try crochet (mostly because the idea of cutting the strips to tie scared me).

There are a bunch of methods to make the holes along the edge of the fleece and after some trial and error, I went with my 1/16" hole punch.  This made the perfect size hole, but it's not super easy to punch through the two layers.  My forearms are still hurting!  I also was not super careful about the distance between the holes and so the edging is a little ruffly (but it's the girls' blanket so it works).  I am already thinking about rigging up something on the punch to help me judge space as I punch.

The border is pretty simple and I used scrap yarn for all of the rows, so the project really only cost the price of the fleece.  The first row is a double crochet and chain all the way around (with 3 repeats in each corner).  The second row is two double crochets in each chain space.  The third row is all single crochets and the final row is four single crochets, picot (skip 1 sc) repeated around (with a little fudging on the single crochets in order to have a picot in each corner).

I'm happy with how the blanket turned out (especially because it is truly going to live in my car for sideline use only), but I'm thinking about how to make the next one better.  As you can see below, there is one more set of fleece just waiting for me.  Good thing I have the entire summer to get it finished!

Fleece is for all Seasons said...

I'm warm just looking at those. I like the patterns as well. Really turned out nice. I'm not just saying that so i can use them too (well, maybe there's a little truth behind)

Giles Burt said...

Thannks for the post

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