Life Moves Pretty Fast

{my kids having a Ferris Bueller moment at the park}

This week has been total crazy-town and I've never been happier to see a white space on the calendar.  We have NOTHING planned tonight and I don't think we'd make it through plans if we had them anyway.  Everyone is stressed and tired and cranky (sorry Summer school teachers and swim instructors)...we need some serious chill time this weekend.

Let me regroup and say that things get much easier after this week and we do have some downtime ahead.  I may have been a little overzealous in my summer scheduling though.  A word of advice to all with smaller kids...just because your youngest is done with naps does not mean you need to fill that time!  Just a little fyi from me to you.

Of course we would also love some nice weather this weekend (weather, are you listening?).  There is an awesome bike race right in our hood on Sunday and we'll also be celebrating Matt's birthday that day (because on Monday night the kids all have games at the exact same time).  Come on Summer!

Our bathroom remodel has been slowly moving along.  This week our tile finally came in (the wrong stuff arrived first and luckily the tile guy realized beige stone was not my thing) and as of this morning...we have a floor!!!  Yay!  We knew we'd be waiting as we are a small job, but we have not had a floor since mid-May, so this is a big step.  Things have been "adjusted" several times and it will not end up as I had imagined, but I am still thrilled with everything (so that is a good thing).  I can't wait to have water up there again (now that we have a floor, sinks and a toilet are close possibilities)!

This week I was on snack for Jack's baseball team, so I had an amazing woman make these awesome cookies.  Huge hits!  The coaches loved the Mud Hens cookies so much that they didn't want to eat them.  And best of all, we had just enough left to share with EJ's softball team the next evening.  Double score!
Kathryn Vercillo said...

I love the empty calendar days between the busy ones ... enjoy it!

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