Matt's Un-Birthday

Matt's birthday is today, but our 3 kids have 3 ballgames and a cheer practice between them tonight.  Ugh!  So, we decided to pretend that his birthday was yesterday in order to spend it together and celebrate a little.  We had doughnuts at our favorite local shop, watched a lot of bike races (just like last year), and went on a hike (the family is up to 12 miles walked together!).

We also worked from a gift idea from last year (beer of the month club), but with a bit of a change.  This time around we included a mix of gift cards for drinks out and about & gift cards to pick up a 6-pack of a new beer (it benefits us this way too, right?).  The kids decorated index cards for each month and we attached the gift cards to the back and then stored them all in a plastic index card case.

This big excitement of the day was that each of the kids got in on the bike racing action.  Jack had some gear issues (like maybe we should have told him which one to be in or something), EJ stopped at the starting line to check on a kid who got knocked down, and Liv got a push up the big hill...but they all had a lot of fun!

EJ on the pro course

Liv and some friends at the staging area (yes, she did the race with training wheels)
Happy Papa said...

Thank you for the great day! I had a blast and enjoyed spending fun time with the fam!

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