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I'd love to say that I'm making progress on the book and blanket in the photo above, but that would be a big fat lie.  Both are barely begun, but show promise though.  The book is by an author I really have enjoyed, but this time it's a YA title (thanks for the heads up Angie) and so far very good.  The blanket was inspired (okay, pattern totally copied) by another Angie and her Vintage V Blanket.  It is awesome because the pattern is easy (and kind of addicting).  I'm using up scrap yarn from other projects and making up the color scheme as I go along.  It also kept my hands busy for a bit this morning which saved me from stress-eating marshmallows.

I'm stuck at home with time to stress eat (and stress out) because my friend the tile guy is here putting our shower floor in this morning.  I love progress, but of course he just told me that he is going on vacation next week so no shower walls for awhile.  We're thinking that maybe the rest of the bathroom will be finished in his absence though.  Oddly, the never-ending bathroom project is not stressing me out.  I'm pretty sure it's because I'm willing to wait any amount of time so that it no longer resembles the old bathroom.  Case in point, this was the shower before...

This afternoon, EJ is having three teeth pulled.  She is nervous and anxious, but pretty okay about it.  As much as I hate that the kids have all had surgeries, it truly helps them deal with the other things that come up in life.  I think she is going to do great with it but I am worried about the pain after.  I have no idea what she'll be able to eat, so I'm pretty sure I bought all the soft foods from the grocery store the other night.  If she can survive on yogurt, bananas, applesauce, blueberries, and tiny little circular noodles, we will be in business.  If not, there are popsicles!

I received this photo from Liv's teacher with the caption, "This is what concentration looks like."  Liv does everything with a lot of passion and concentration.  She truly wants to do her best and works very hard.  The problem with this lies in the fact that she exhausts herself with the effort and then can completely melt down at the littlest thing.  This has always been an issue (she has two very distinct personalities), but it has been exemplified with a no nap summer and sibling quarrels.  It's definitely something we've been working on at home (and I'm super glad she keeps herself in check at school and activities).  Suggestions on calming intense children?

This momma is looking forward to a little forced downtime with the girls tonight.  Last night I decided to put off talking to the girls about some potentially upsetting news because I thought they were too tired to handle it.  Instead, we finished reading our book...Charlotte's Web.  Yep, that went about as well as you would expect and I confirmed that they were in fact too tired to handle upsetting things.  I figure since we already worked through the crocodile tears and sobs last night, we should be good to go with watching the movie tonight.
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Three teeth. Ooofff. Hope it went well.

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