Missing A Kid

We had one of those summer weekends where we always seemed to be without one of the kids due to birthday parties, sleepovers, bike riding with friends, naps, etc.  I guess that is summer, but it always feels weird to me!

For the most part, it was EJ who was gone spending a lot of time with her cousin "twin" which was a nice treat after having a bit of a rough week.  Last Wednesday, EJ had three teeth pulled in order to make space for her adult teeth to come through (she had no space for her baby teeth) and it went really well (which is good because there is more to come).  This was her as the numbing was wearing off (one side back to normal)...not too shabby of a smile.

We hit up a neighborhood brewery this weekend and Livie worked on her tipping skills.  We played bags and pinball and got to bed a little late (even for a Friday night).

The next night, EJ was being dropped off around dinnertime and so we invited them to stay for dinner and game night.  Super fun, but we got to bed even later on Saturday night.  Needless to say, Livie had a very hard time waking up on Sunday (and even took a nap that day...first of the summer).

We did have a little downtime this weekend to do some experimenting.  We did one new experiment and two "new to Livie" experiments (we've done them in past years but she does not remember them).
Dancing Raisins, Gummy Bear Experiment, Naked Eggs

The raisins were super cool to watch and they kept floating around much longer than we all expected.  We took the gummy bears out of the water today and they were huge!  I used generic bears this time around and they grew a lot faster than the last time we did the experiment.  Still super cool though.  The egg is foaming and I think will be ready tomorrow or the next day.  All three of these are quick experiments with minimal items required...highly recommend them to break up outside time!