Worry Guys

Two years ago, EJ had major surgery on her ear.  She was so worried about the surgery (she had a smaller surgery earlier, but was too young to remember it) and couldn't sleep, asked a lot of question, and was not giving her usual smile all that often either.  My Mom gave her a meerkat named Worrywart (pictured above with his own hospital collar) that EJ could tell all her worries to and he would get rid of them.  As you can see, she used him at the surgery, but he has also slept with her every night since the surgery and has become known as her "worry guy."

Today my Mom is having major surgery and EJ was determined to get Grandma her own worry guy.  She picked this one out based on size and Grandma's love of elephants.  She slept with it on Monday night so that her worry guy could teach Grandma's guy how to do his job.  And then yesterday she gave it to Grandma with the biggest smile across her little face.  I hope the elephant paid attention during training, because Grandma is nervous!

AEK said...

Hope that all went well for your Mom's surgery. Love the idea of the stuffed animal holding all your worries. I think this will serve her well even as she gets older.

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